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Top Ten Most Unique Books I’ve Read
Top Ten Most Unique Books I’ve Read

What makes a book unique? For me it’s unusual structure of the book or unorthodox protagonist/narrator or when author takes an usual topic or genre and blows my mind. And here are the books that fit these criteria…


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A must read for fans of ya fantasy genre

Stolen Songbird: Malediction Trilogy Book One (The Malediction Trilogy) - Danielle L. Jensen

Without any doubt, I can already say that Stolen Songbird will end up on my and many other lists of best novels for young adults published in 2014. Stolen Songbird is an example is how it looks when a team of professionals works on a book: great writing, editing & design. What did I like? The list is mile long:

  • Intriguing title that hints at one of the main plot elements.
  • Beautiful cover with our heroine Cécile holding a glass rose and city of Trollus in the background.
  • Writing style is easy to read.
  • Good world building with right amount of details.
  • Romance without love triangle, insta-love and all other boring cliches that are overused these days.
  • A love story that slowly develops over time through thoughtful gestures.
  • Strong heroine that you will find easy to cheer for and who will make all the right choices. Cécile is a great role model for young adults.

I wouldn’t lie down and die, but neither would I give up on obtaining my liberty, I would live each day and fight for what mattered most: my freedom.

  • A hero that will slowly win your heart.

He looked like Prince Charming from the fairytales, except for one thing: Prince Charming was human, and the boy standing in front of me was decidedly not. His pale skin was too flawless, his motions too smooth and controlled.

The biggest flaw of this book is the summary – it reveals too much. A lot of books published by Strange Chemistry suffer from this problem and Stolen Songbird has it too. I made a mistake and read the summary before reading the book, so I blame it as a reason why I just liked it very much. If some events and twists in plot were not already known to me, Stolen Songbird would have blown my mind.


 In The End…

Stolen Songbird is one of those rare occurrences when the promo description from publisher does not lie. They recommend it “for those who have loved Seraphina and Graceling” and I can only agree that Stolen Songbird has all the best elements from these books: intricate character development and cute slow building romance from Seraphina mixing it up with action and political intrigue from Graceling. So fans of ya fantasy, be brave, don’t be scared by number of pages, it will be worth your time.


Disclaimer: I was given a free eBook by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

Source: http://www.bookwormdreams.com/book-review-stolen-songbird-by-danielle-l-jensen

Not just another uf novel

Oracle of Philadelphia: Book One of the Earthbound Angels Series (Volume 1) - Elizabeth Corrigan

On a first glance Oracle of Philadelphia seems like just another urban fantasy novel. We have heroine Carrie who has some extraordinary powers but is disguised as ordinary mortal. Two guys who are total opposites (angel and demon) are hanging out with her, so it looks like there will be a love triangle. And she has a mission to save a good guy who sold his soul to the demon. A lot of kick-ass action, getting hot and bothered with both love interest and one solved soul later – and we get to the end of the first book of Earthbound Angels series.


If you have imagined something like this – then you were totally, completely and utterly wrong. Because Oracle of Philadelphia is definitely not just another urban fantasy novel out there. Elizabeth Corrigan does not rush into action, she weaves her story slowly with a lot of flashbacks to clear up backgrounds and history for all the characters. To me at the end, saving a guys soul seemed like a secondary goal of this book, the primary was for us to get close and personal with Carrie and her friends:  an angel Gabriel and the demon of chaos Bedlam.


Carrie is bored with her existence and so jaded she thinks nothing moves her anymore. She lost all hope and does not even try to change things, just hopes the end will eventually come. Eternal life never seemed less attractive than when it’s described from her perspective. The only spark of life (or chaos) that make her existence bearable are irregular visits from her friends: angel and demon. As always, I immediately got attracted to Bedlam with his mischievous smile and wish to spread chaos all around. Angel Gabriel was too prim and stuffy for my taste.


And then one day everything changes when Carrie gets motivated to stand up and try to change things again…

“And I know that the world isn’t fair. More than anyone, I know that. But I think that maybe it never will be if we stand by and let things like this pass. God made us, and He won’t stand up for us when we need Him to. And I can’t fix all the problems, even all the problems that I cause. But maybe I can fix this.”


In The End…

Oracle of Philadelphia is not just about war for souls between angels and demons, it’s about the value of family and true friendship, about never giving up and always staying faithful to your principles. Fans of breath-taking quick action scenes and hot love affairs might be disappointed at the beginning, but if they do not give up and keep on reading, Elizabeth Corrigan’s storytelling slowly introduces you to the world of Earthbound Angels and makes you yearn for more.


Disclaimer: I was given a free eBook by the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

Source: http://www.bookwormdreams.com/book-review-oracle-of-philadelphia-by-elizabeth-corrigan
This reminds me... I really should make another cup of coffee. ;)
This reminds me... I really should make another cup of coffee. ;)
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Fantasy novel full of adventure for all ages

Emilie and the Sky World - Martha Wells

After a year long wait, the time has come for us to again explore strange places, meet unusual people and share new adventures with Emilie. And this time the sky’s the limit because we are travelling to the Sky World.


Emilie and the Hollow World was one of my favorite books in 2013. Resemblance to classic adventure novels I have read as a child won me over from the start and it was all spiced up with fantastic elements. So, Emilie and the Sky World had a big shoes to fill.


While Emilie and the Sky World has Martha Wells’ recognizable fluid writing style which is easy to read, I found it much slower and conclusively with less adventurous air than it’s predecessor. They don’t arrive to the Sky World until almost half of the book passed and I must confess that until then I was bored at times and even wondered will they ever get there. Emilie and the Sky World had a bigger intro than the first book in series!


Some readers will maybe appreciate that we get to learn more about Emilie’s family background. But Emilie and the Hollow World was a whirl of adventures from the start, so I was impatient like a junkie waiting for his next fix and could not really appreciate new depths that Martha Wells added to Emilie’s character. Emilie from this book was overconfident, quick to judge, jumped into danger without thinking and too harsh with her brother. In my memory from the first book I remembered her to have much more likable personality.


Martha Wells’ impressive imagination will again blow your mind with descriptions of Sky World and new creatures like you have never met before in any novel. But her descriptions felt shallower and tougher for me to buy it than before: new machines needed a little bit more explanation and theory that the world is a series of concentric circles was just mentioned.


Emilie and the Sky World was not a bad book but I hoped for much much more. It’s tough being a sequel to someone’s favorite book. Maybe I complained too much and gave you wrong impression, because overall I liked Emilie and the Sky World and will definitely read next book in the Emilie series.


In The End…

Lovers of fantastic adventures of all ages will enjoy Emilie series by Martha Wells, especially  younger audience because it’s easy to read, has no romance and feeds imagination and thirst for adventure. Who as a child did not dream to go on an exotic expedition?

Disclaimer: I was given a free eBook by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

Source: http://www.bookwormdreams.com/book-review-emilie-and-the-sky-world-by-martha-wells

Didn't turn out as I expected...

Three Princes - Ramona Wheeler

Since I found out that Three Princes is set in an alternate reality where Egyptian empire never ceased to exist, I was looking forward to reading it. I’m crazy about Egyptian culture, history and mythology, so I was dying to learn how Ramona Wheeler imagined that the world would develop if the awesome empire who built the pyramids still existed. But when I actually started to read Three Princes my excitement soon died down and slowly became replaced by indifference. Finally at 42% (around 150 pages) I officially decided to mark this book as DNF and proceed to the next one. As some wise person said: Life is too short to waste it on books we don’t like.


As always, I will try to explain why Three Princes didn't work me me and hopefully it will help some other reader with similar taste to avoid trying to read this book, or even intrigue someone with opposite taste to give it a try.


From the start, I encountered my first problem with Three Princes . Main hero: Lord Scott Oken. At 27, he’s an Egyptian spy and reminded me most of James Bond. He’s always at the right place at the right time, somehow against all odds survives and observes all women as sexual objects.


And we’re already encountered my second issue with this book. Lack of strong female characters. If we make an exception for the Queen of Egypt, all women are just there for decoration, sex or to be exploited by our smart and handsome spy. As I already said, it’s all very reminiscent of famous 007 agent. In fact, I was surprised that Three Princes was written by a female writer since to me it seems like it’s oriented for male readers.


Maybe I would have ignored my antipathy for the hero, if the world charmed me as I expected. But, although this book is full of descriptions, the main things I was looking forward was missing. How come Egyptian empire still exists? This is the main question I wanted answered and I got nothing except mentions from time to time about some union between Caesar and Cleopatra. But there were a lot of totally unnecessary details about life in towns and tribes Lord Oken encounters on his travels. Knowing the exact pattern of painted colors on naked woman’s chest was not my top priority, so I was mostly bored with these attempts of world-building.


And I won’t even start to comment of so-called ‘steampunk’ – since there are no steam engines I would never label this novel as that genre. There are some weird flying machines but trying to understand ‘scientific’ background how they fly will only give you a headache. It would have been better if it was left a mystery…


In The End…

If you are a male fantasy fan and are looking for an alternate history novel about young spy who travels a lot, encounters a bunch of pretty women and nefarious villains – then Three Princes is the book for you. Readers looking for complex characters where everything is not black and white or more to the story than how awesome Lord Scott Oken is, will probably be disappointed.


Disclaimer:  I was given a free eBook by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

Source: http://www.bookwormdreams.com/book-review-three-princes-by-ramona-wheeler

Kindle Freebies & Deals for 24. January 2014

Extra awesome news for all who snagged Finnikin of the Rock when it was on sale in December. Book #2 inLumatere Chronicles series is on sale in January. This is one of those series that, although I got countless recommendations from friends, I have never actually read it. Maybe actually owning first two parts will give me the push I need.

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These are just some of my favorite topics. I wish there were more books about them!
These are just some of my favorite topics. I wish there were more books about them!


Source: http://www.bookwormdreams.com/top-ten-things-on-my-reading-wishlist

Lacking in world building and character development - only good for those looking for romance

Defy - Sara B. Larson

It’s not a secret I was eagerly waiting for Defy, after all I shared my excitement with you in one of my rare WOW posts. Even when reviews with low ratings started to pile up, they could not dampen my enthusiasm. I mean: ya fantasy about kick-ass heroine who is masquerading as a boy? Bring it on!


When I started to read, it looked like my optimism will pay off. Alexa seemed like just the kind of strong and kick-ass heroine I hoped. After they were orphaned in war Alexa (disguised as a boy) and her twin brother Marcel joined the army. Thanks to their extraordinary fighting skills, after three years they are members of Prince Damian’s personal guard. The war games are becoming more brutal every day, the attacks on Damian’s life are happening more and more often and it turns out that some people suspect that Alex, the best swordsman in the guard, might not be what it seems…


This is a great premise on which a good ya fantasy novel full of intrigue and battles could have been written. Sadly, Sara B. Larson decided to take a different route and focus the story of Defy mostly on romance and love triangle between Alexa, Prince Damian and her best friend & guard member Rylan.


The biggest disappointment in Defy was definitely Alexa. I can blame my expectations and traits I imagined she will have for this. If we ignore Alexa’s exceptional skill with the sword, Alexa mostly reminded me of Bella Swan from Twilight and Anastasia Steele from Fifty Shades of Grey (two of the most annoying characters in literature I have ever encountered). When Alexa is confronted with a guy she likes, she transforms from experienced soldier into this blushing, clumsy mess. She keeps talking about their beautiful eyes… Shimmers slide down her spine…. Their words send jolts through her body… She can’t stop staring at their lean muscular bodies and somehow they keep getting half naked, for Alexa’s ogling pleasure.


Jacob from Twilight taking off his tshirt

Stare at my abs of awesomeness!!!! [image source]


Someone would argue that they are walking without their shirts because it’s tropical setting and a lot of action happens in a jungle. But if that is the case, shouldn’t have Alexa after three years gotten immune by now?


And don’t even get me started on:

  • Breeding houses where orphaned girls are taken and repeatedly raped to make new soldiers for king’s army. Those soldiers will be ready for battle in 15 years. Honestly, I think hiring mercenaries would have been cheaper and given immediate results.
  • Alexa, Rylan and Damien are captured and dragged across the country for weeks. Experienced soldiers would have found opportunity to escape since a lot of times they were not even tied. But kissing is all they think about.
  • Everything is so f**king obvious. And then you need to wait until Alexa figures it out (a lot of chapters later). She confesses that she’s not the quickest bunny in the forest, but still… This made the plot drag on too much and I was more and more bored as the book progressed.


Defy left me feeling deeply disappointed and irritated by: Alexa, lack of world building and a lot of holes in the plot. If I want a novel with so much focus on love story, I will read something from contemporary romance genre. As for a novel from fantasy genre I do not mind if romance is present, but I also require good development of world and characters to enjoy it.


Spotlighted Quote

A little bit too sugary but still carries a nice message:

True beauty is what lies inside of us, not what the world sees. A beautiful shell that houses a vile soul becomes sullied over time. But an outer shell, imperfect as it may be, that houses a beautiful soul shines with that beauty, radiating it for all who have eyes to see.


In The End…

Defy is debut novel by Sara B. Larson light on fantasy and heavily focused on love triangle romance. While I think that younger female readers might enjoy it, more demanding fantasy fans will probably find it lacking in world building and character development.

Source: http://www.bookwormdreams.com/book-review-defy-by-sara-b-larson

Kindle Freebies & Deals for 10. January 2014

Don’t you just love it when some book is on your wishlist for months and then suddenly it’s on promotion and you grab Kindle ebook for free? It just happened to me with Witch Sing. I hope I will have time to read it soon and see if it fulfills my expectations.


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Average new adult contemporary romance

Broken At Love: Whitman University, #1 - Lyla Payne

If contemporary romance is not a new genre for you, then you have probably already read a novel similar toBroken at Love: playboy sleeps with a new girl at every party until he meets The One, changes his womanizing ways and falls deeply in love. Sounds familiar?


The one thing that stands out of usual cliches is our heroine Emilie Swanson. She’s afraid that when people look at her they only see:

The “Mexican” girl with the gold-digging mother who somehow snagged one of the foremost cardiothoracic surgeons in the world. The sad girl who’d lost her baby sister three years ago. The rich girl playing artist to piss of her daddy.

But there is much more to Emilie. She’s strong, original and fights for her independence. I could say Emilie’s biggest flaw is that she falls too easily for Quinn and says ‘I love you’ too fast.


Quinn Rowland is typical romance novel hero. So rich that his house “probably had it’s own zip code” and so handsome that (as Emilie describes it):

God could not be serious with that face, on that body, with those eyes.

Quinn’s favorite pastime at parties is seducing girls and then leaving them. Lyla Payne somehow manages to make Quinn not seem like a complete sleazeball, because he never lies to his ‘victims’ but still he comes pretty close to being obnoxious at times.


The plot of  Broken at Love was too unbelievable for me to buy it. Emilie was too rational to ever fall for just a handsome jerk who used the same tactic on other girls before her. And, of course, Quinn turned out to be just another misunderstood poor rich boy who got his heart broken too many times…


But if you are not looking for much originality in plot, Broken at Love is a quick read, Lyla Payne has easy-to-read writing style and there are no spelling mistakes (which is small wonder for self-published novel these days). Although you won’t see me eagerly waiting in line for a sequel to Whitman University series, I might read another novel by Lyla Payne in the future when I need to relax with some light romance.


In The End…

New adult contemporary romance fans who like to read about college setting where focus is more on parties then on classes and where characters are rich kids with first world problems, can stop looking and read Broken at Love. As a bonus you will get strong, independent, artistic heroine and bad boy, playboy hero.

Source: http://www.bookwormdreams.com/book-review-broken-at-love-by-lyla-payne

A little bit of romance and a snarky humor

How to Run with a Naked Werewolf - Molly Harper

When I see name Molly Harper on a book cover I know I should expect light and funny book with a little bit of romance and snarky humor. How to Run with a Naked Werewolf was no exception and it delivered all I hoped for.


We meet our heroine, Anna Moder as she is “trying to learn the zen art of not bashing an indecisive cornflake lover over the head with preserved pork products”. Anna’s day gets worse after work when she decides to help a hurt guy on a parking lot. “‘And she was never heard from again’ not smart” type of decision. To make things even more complicated the guy in question has:

  1. quickly shrinking bullet hole in his side
  2. enormous bag of meat treats

It can only mean one thing – that he is a werewolf. And Anna does not need that complication in her life no matter if he is “dark, rough-hewn, and handsome, not to mention bigger than a barn door”.


If you have already read Molly Harper books, you know that:

Werewolves hit a lot of different points on the spectrum between “awesome guy who is occasionally an apex predator” and “furry Lord Voldemort”.

As for Caleb, hero of How to Run with a Naked Werewolf, you will have to decide which category he fits best. Or if he is something special. ;)


In The End

Although, How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf (first book in Naked Werewolf series) was my favorite, I can not say that How to Run with a Naked Werewolf was a bad sequel. It delivered all I expected. I can only hope that Molly will treat us with more adventures of her werewolves – naked or clothed. :)


Disclaimer: I was given a free eBook by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

Source: http://www.bookwormdreams.com/book-review-how-to-run-with-a-naked-werewolf-by-molly-harper

Kindle Freebies & Deals for 13. December 2013

Don’t you just love the Holiday season? And as bookworms we have one more reason to be merry because there are so many amazing ebook deals.


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Original and imaginative futuristic retelling of Snow White

Ice Red (Once Upon a Red World) - Jael Wye

Ice Red turned out to be one of the most original fairy tale retellings I have ever read. In fact, if I was not informed in advance that Ice Red was a retelling of Snow White, I am not sure if I would have made the connection. Of course, there would have been facepalming later when I find out and wonder how I did not notice, because when you start to draw the parallels it’s really obvious.


The trick is, Jael Wye did a total transition of fantastic element to technology and science fiction. Everything stayed the same and is completely different at the same time. Empire becomes huge trading company. Dead father becomes absent-minded scientist. Poisoned apple becomes round red data-cube made by Apple. Dwarves become ordinary people from Earth who are short when compared to humans who are living on Mars (they grow taller because of lesser gravitational pull). I won’t reveal more to avoid spoilers, but truly, the amount of detail Jael Wye covered and thought about is impressive. And it’s obvious she did a lot of research to be able to pull off such believable scientific world-building.


Although setting is on Mars (and in space) and culture is very advanced and different than our own, there are no huge boring info-dumps. Information is slipped to you unnoticed in small portion while you were absorbed in a story. I never felt uninformed.


Language is different than today but expressions are similar enough to be easily understood. And use of some chinese words reminded me of Firefly.  Some slang words just bugged me like: bloke (guy), chit (girl) and drill (have sex). Sadly these are also the words that were used most often.


As much as the world was vivid and world-building masterfully done, the characters were lacking that mystical spark for me. The prince did not charm me, Bianca did not win me over with her innocence and strength, stepmother was just bleh and poor miners didn’t really steer my compassion. I knew what reactions I should feel, but they were simply not there.


Still, I will definitely read the sequel Ladder to the Red Star because I just can not resist to see which fairy tale will Jael Wye pick to futurize next. Since there were mentions of Aurora project and test subjects in deep cryogenic sleep, I am hoping for retelling of Sleeping Beauty.


In The End…

Do not let naked couple on the cover fool you, Ice Red is not an erotica novel. It’s an original and imaginative  futuristic retelling of Snow White with intricate world building. I could not connect to the characters but I am still looking forward to the next book in Once Upon a Red World series.

Recommended for fans of: adult fairy tale retellings, theme of Mars colonisation, mega corporation’s related schemes and intrigue, …


Disclaimer: I was given a free eBook by the author in exchange for a honest review.

Source: http://www.bookwormdreams.com/book-review-ice-red-by-jael-wye

A little bit slower and gloomier than 'A Conspiracy of Alchemists'

A Clockwork Heart: Book Two in The Chronicles of Light and Shadow (Chronicle of Light and Shadow) - Liesel Schwarz

A Conspiracy of Alchemists, first book in The Chronicles of Light and Shadow series, was such an adventure with million things happening at once and chasing around the world. I loved spunky and kick-ass Eleanor Chance and could not wait to read more.  Also I hoped that neglected romance element will finally blossom in A Clockwork Heart and that I will feel that spark between Elle and Hugh.


Surprisingly, A Clockwork Heart has more sedate pace than A Conspiracy of Alchemists. There are no breath-taking travels around the world – setting is rainy and misty London. Plot takes longer time to develop and because we have multiple narrators there are almost no surprises – we  know what the ‘bad side’ is planning. The only part that reminded me of A Conspiracy of Alchemists was the ending which was whirlwind of action and twists and turns and it’s the bright and shinny part of A Clockwork Heart. But it was also so sad and heart-breaking and left me with a desire to read the next part Sky Pirates NOW (which is not going to happen since it’s not published yet).


Romance definitely didn’t develop the way I expected. As the beginning says, A Clockwork Heart begins with a happily-ever-after. Elle and Hugh are married and living together. But marriage between independent girl prone to adventures and powerful warlock who sacrificed his magic to be with her can not be easy. There are a lot of bumps and troubles on the way. It was so sad watching my confident kick-ass heroine helpless and not knowing how to resolve her marital issues.


I know I complained about a lot of things in A Clockwork Heart. But I still like The Chronicles of Light and Shadow series very much. It has steampunk setting. Elle is strong, kick-ass heroine who makes a lot of wrong decisions in this book, but hey every human makes mistakes. I hope she will learn from them.


In The End…

A Clockwork Heart was a little bit more slower in pace and a lot gloomier and darker in tone than  A Conspiracy of Alchemists. With that kind of breath-taking ending it’s impossible to not want to read the sequel, but if you don’t like cliffhangers my recommendations is to read A Clockwork Heart when Sky Pirates is published. Because, trust me, you are going to want to read the next book NOW.


Disclaimer: I was given a free eBook by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

Source: http://www.bookwormdreams.com/book-review-a-clockwork-heart-by-liesel-schwarz

Not as amazing as I expected

The Promise of Amazing - Robin Constantine

Based on the cute cover, heartwarming summary and the title I was expecting one of those young adult contemporary novels that put a permanent smile on your face. You know what I am talking about – when you get that fuzzy feeling while reading a book that is similar to being snuggled up in a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate.


The Promise of Amazing has a very good start. Wren is just an average teenage girl with usual coming of age problems, but what bothers Wren the most is that she is described by everyone as ‘quiet’. I could definitely relate to that since I was usually ‘the quiet one’ and I know how hard it is to change when people have some fixed image of you.


When Wren meets Grayson, there is an instant magnetic pull. Probably because noone would ever describe Grayson as average or quiet. Romance between Wren and Grayson started as something cute but soon drowned in insta-love cliche. Grayson managed to not be an usual bad boy since he is working on changing himself before he met Wren. I liked that a lot.


Although revelation of big Grayson’s secret did surprise me (mostly by stupidity of the idea), the amazing in this book never came. It stayed pretty ordinary and average romance story.


In The End…

The Promise of Amazing is story about instant attraction between quiet girl and popular ex bad boy. Warm fuzzy feeling or big swoony moments never happened to me, but The Promise of Amazing at least managed to break cliche about bad boys, because Grayson already changed his ‘bad ways’ when he meets Wren.


Disclaimer:  I was given a free eBook by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

Source: http://www.bookwormdreams.com/book-review-the-promise-of-amazing-by-robin-constantine