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Solid sequel but romance was annoying sometimes

Bridges Burned (Entangled Teen) (Going Down in Flames) - Chris Cannon

Bryn’s life has literally gone down in flames:
“A few months ago, I was a normal girl living a normal life in a public high school. My biggest worry was who I’d sit next to at lunch. Now it seems like I’m living in a foreign country on the brink of a war. A lot of people hate me. Some of them are trying to kill me.”

From Going Down in Flames I mostly remember Bryn’s love for weird lingerie patterns and how much I liked the world of dragon shifters Chris Cannon invented. There were some cliches, but I don’t know why I didn’t rate Going Down in Flames higher. I must have been very annoyed by that cliffhanger ending.

Bridges Burned continues where Going Down in Flames ended. A lot of things happen in the sequel: school dance, terrorist attacks, Christmas family events. But the thing I was looking forward most is missing – more interesting facts about dragon’s special powers. Sadly, world-building was neglected.

There was much less humor in Bridges Burned. Almost no jokes between friends, just two funny lingerie patterns… Everyone are a bit scared of what is going to happen next and the atmosphere is much darker. Good thing at least the banter between Bryn and Jaxon, her arch-nemesis, was still there.
Jaxon sighed as if the situation caused him great pain. “Haven’t we spent enough time together?”
“You’re such a joy to be around I couldn’t stay away,” Bryn mocked.

The one thing that was not neglected was romance. It’s not even a love triangle, it’s a quadrangle. He loves me, he loves me not switches really started to annoy me after some time. Luckily, second part of Bridges Burned was more focused on action. And there are a lot of surprising plot twists!

Bridges Burned was exciting until the very end. Which was (again) a clifhanger. I expected it, but I was still surprised how everything was abruptly interrupted. Now I am waiting for a sequel that will hopefully finnaly have some more information about dragon hybrids.

Bridges Burned is a solid sequel with a lot of action and maybe a bit much of romance drama. Although I wished to learn more facts about the world of dragon shifters, I still think that Going Down in Flames is a nice urban fantasy series for young adults. If you like boarding school setting, dragon shifters and can ignore a couple of cliches, it’s quick and fun read.

Disclaimer: I received this ebook from Ya Bound Book Tours in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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