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Surprisingly good urban fantasy

Black Rook - Kelly Meade, Kelly Meding

Another book that took me by surprise. It’s kinda of a rule that sexy half naked dudes are reserved for paranormal romance covers and kick-ass girls in leathers and uncomfortable poses are reserved for urban fantasy. So, when I saw a cover for a Black Rook, I expected classic paranormal romance plot. Summary, honestly, does not offer or hint at much more. Imagine my surprise when instead I got a surprisingly good urban fantasy novel with mages, werewolves and vampires.


Kelly Meade managed to make this usual races of magical creatures sound new. Whether if it’s because of painful shifts of werewolves called loup garou or vampires not being the most powerful race or because hierarchy in loup garou clans was based on fur color… Black Rook offers constantly new intriguing detailsabout Kelly Mead’s imaginary world.


Heroine Brynn is strong and week at the same time. Refreshingly, she does most logical thing and hasrealistic reactions. And when she stands up to someone stronger than her, you really gotta admire her, because there is no hidden catch. She has no super-secret hidden powers. She’s not The One. Brynn is just a girl looking for a place in a world and finding it (and love) in the most unexpected place.


Rook and others are not typical representatives of the species. At least if we compare them to other books from this genre. Werewolves have animal instincts, but it’s up to their human side to explore and determine if that course of action is a good one. Not the usual alphas who are always right and assert their opinion.


Romance is subtle, deep burn, with a lot of cons and little pros.

She wanted him. He wanted her. That was the easy part. Everything else around them made being together impossible.

There might be instant attraction but there is no insta-true-for-ever-and-ever love. Kelly Meade wrote it so good that you really feel how their feelings get deeper and deeper.

“This is impossible, isn’t it?” she whispered. 
“I don’t know.” 
“We’re from two different worlds, Rook. A bird cannot live in the ocean with a fish.” 
“Penguins can swim there, though.” 
She laughed, her breath warm against his neck. The melody of her laughter rumbled from her chest to his heart, and he committed the sound to memory. 
“What if the penguin has never learned to swim?” 
“Then she’ll have to find a dedicated fish who will teach her.”

In The End…

If you are looking for a novel focused on the love story, Black Rook might be a disappointment. But if you would like to read about an old urban fantasy theme done in a new, interesting way, strong heroine, complex flawed heroes and intriguing plot that will leave you craving for a next book - then you must read Black Rook.


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Disclaimer: I received this ebook from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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