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Witches and warlocks and spells... oh my!

Entangled - Nikki Jefford

All Graylee’s ever wanted is to be a normal high school student. To forget about dating a magically inclined members of the male species and for life to go on without interference. But it’s hard to do these things when you have an identical twin sister. Graylee accepted long time ago that her sister is nothing like her. Charlene is vain, selfish and manipulative. Good thing all witches and warlocks took the Vow of Honor at the age of twelve, or else Charlene would be using black magic…


Graylee might comfort herself with these thoughts but as soon as we start reading, we can see that her sister is mentally unstable. And soon also to suspect that she has murderous tendencies. And you know what they say…

Death was final. Even the death of a witch.

In Entangled, Graylee learns that this is not true. Although…

Gray was stuck inside Charlene’s own sleazy high school soap opera. Maybe this was hell.

And she will soon start to ask herself questions she never thought that she will ask. Like:

What did one bring to her own gravesite? Flowers? Trinkets… A shovel?


Ok, I am done teasing you with quotes. If you want to know what is happening in a book – read it. At first glance it sounds like every other ya novel set in high school with love triangle romance and spiced up with witches. But Entangled is much more. It’s perfect light reading for the summer. With good characterisation, magic and a lot of surprising twists in the story. Be warned – summary spoils one of the biggest ones.


In The End…

Entangled is a cute paranormal romance story set in high school with witches and warlocks in contemporary setting. Main characters are twins and they are identical only in looks. Romance is light love triangle, because heroine quickly makes her pick. If you like these kind of novels – read Entangled. I think you will not be dissapointed.


And it’s FREE for Kindle & Nook right now!

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