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Being only female werewolf does not make you popular in a good way

Full Blooded - Amanda  Carlson

Full Blooded by Amanda Carlson starts intense and fast with our heroine Jessica transforming and becoming a full-blooded werewolf and it stays the crazy and thrilling ride until the end. And be warned, there will be cliffhangers left dangling.


Jessica McClain is just the type of urban fantasy heroine I like. Kick-ass, self-confident, curvy, with a little bit of of snark and sass. Jessica is not afraid to go and take a world on her own and usually goes head on to resolve problems. Her honesty and bluntness was refreshing.


The only thing about Jessica that bugged me was that her wolf was a separate entity. Kinda like two minds in one body. And the wolf is much sluttier than Jessica - with some of her prancing and other comments there were a couple of uncomfortable flashbacks to inner goddess from Fifty Shades of Grey, but thank God it's nothing so extreme or annoying.


Quote Jessica Full Blooded by Amanda Carlson


Werewolfs are not the only supernatural creatures you will encounter in Full Blooded, there will be witches, vampires and were-everythings. And Amanda Carlson spiced up their mythology by adding some original details unique for her to all of them. Like she changed the werewolf lore by making them boys-only club.


With constant chase and action there is not much time left for love. Although some one-night-stand type sex to lower the adrenaline will happen, Jessica will not meet her love interest for half a book, maybe more. Because of the constant tension and how everything quickly happens there is a slight insta-love feel for it, but surprisingly it didn't bother me. It's easy for wolves when they can with one sniff determine if someone is right for them. :)


In The End...

Full Blooded is an intense start to a new series about kick-ass werewolf heroine, full of action and hunky males. The amount of supernatural creatures is enough to satisfy even the pickiest urban fantasy fans. Paranormal romance fans might have to wait a little bit for a hero to appear - but when he comes, he's definitely swoon-worthy. :)

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