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Not for me - vulgar and promoting wrong values

Before We Fall - Courtney Cole

The most beautiful (and the only) thing about this book I liked is foreword written by author and this inspiring quote:

Life is scary and dreams get broken. This book is for anyone brave enough to put the pieces back together again.

As for the novel Before We Fall, saying that Dominic and I didn’t ‘click’ would be an understatement. He was repulsive to me from the beginning of first chapter, which was narrated by him, when he declared:

I like to watch. I know that I shouldn’t, but I don’t really give a shit. I like the flash of skin, the sweaty limbs, the sex smells, the fucking…

Dominic is crude and vulgar. He presents himself as jaded individual who have “seen pretty much everything once and have done it twice” and we also get hints about wounds and scars on his heart from past relationship. So that’s why now Dominic does not want to be close to people anymore and he does not have sex. That lamest excuse ever. I checked the definition on wikipedia and he had all forms of penetrative sexual intercourse described in the second sentence.


Courtney Cole tried to present to us Jacey as strong heroine who knows her mind but I didn’t like her any more than Dominic. Let’s start from the fact that she never wears underwear. Which normal girl does that (except in porno movies)?


And when Jacey goes through Dominic’s things, finds letters and reads them? And then she never tells him! I was so mad! To me that was intruding into privacy of another person, no matter if they are in a relationship or not. I could never approve reading of correspondence of another person no matter if it’s sms, emails or letters. But in Before We Fall it turns out that it helped them in their relationship, so it’s never presented as a bad thing.


I also had problem how bdsm was presented. Like something wrong that only attracts people with psychological problems: “they do not have anything healthy or real, so they come here to get debased”. Sex on the other hand is presented as solution to every problem in a relationship.


To make this review short and rant-free: I did not like anything about this book. I do not know why I wasted my precious time and energy and read the whole thing. I guess I hoped that there will be some great twist in the end that will make it worth my time. But epilogue was pointless and totally unnecessary. I’m not sure if I will ever read anything by Courtney Cole again, her writing style definitely didn’t suit me.


In The End…

Before We Fall is contemporary romance novel that will not suit everyone’s taste. Characters use vulgar language, are judgmental and have weird logic and moral code. But if the main thing you want from book is a lot of sex and poor-little-beautiful-misunderstood-rich-boy hero, then you might enjoy it.


Disclaimer: I was given a free eBook by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

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