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Average new adult contemporary romance

Broken at Love - Lyla Payne

If contemporary romance is not a new genre for you, then you have probably already read a novel similar toBroken at Love: playboy sleeps with a new girl at every party until he meets The One, changes his womanizing ways and falls deeply in love. Sounds familiar?


The one thing that stands out of usual cliches is our heroine Emilie Swanson. She’s afraid that when people look at her they only see:

The “Mexican” girl with the gold-digging mother who somehow snagged one of the foremost cardiothoracic surgeons in the world. The sad girl who’d lost her baby sister three years ago. The rich girl playing artist to piss of her daddy.

But there is much more to Emilie. She’s strong, original and fights for her independence. I could say Emilie’s biggest flaw is that she falls too easily for Quinn and says ‘I love you’ too fast.


Quinn Rowland is typical romance novel hero. So rich that his house “probably had it’s own zip code” and so handsome that (as Emilie describes it):

God could not be serious with that face, on that body, with those eyes.

Quinn’s favorite pastime at parties is seducing girls and then leaving them. Lyla Payne somehow manages to make Quinn not seem like a complete sleazeball, because he never lies to his ‘victims’ but still he comes pretty close to being obnoxious at times.


The plot of  Broken at Love was too unbelievable for me to buy it. Emilie was too rational to ever fall for just a handsome jerk who used the same tactic on other girls before her. And, of course, Quinn turned out to be just another misunderstood poor rich boy who got his heart broken too many times…


But if you are not looking for much originality in plot, Broken at Love is a quick read, Lyla Payne has easy-to-read writing style and there are no spelling mistakes (which is small wonder for self-published novel these days). Although you won’t see me eagerly waiting in line for a sequel to Whitman University series, I might read another novel by Lyla Payne in the future when I need to relax with some light romance.


In The End…

New adult contemporary romance fans who like to read about college setting where focus is more on parties then on classes and where characters are rich kids with first world problems, can stop looking and read Broken at Love. As a bonus you will get strong, independent, artistic heroine and bad boy, playboy hero.

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