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Nice addition to the story of 'For Darkness Shows the Stars'

Among the Nameless Stars (For Darkness Shows the Stars, #0.5) - Diana Peterfreund

While For Darkness Shows the Stars talked about present and past relationship between Kai and Elliot, prequel novella Among the Nameless Stars is about the time period that very much intrigued me, but is not covered in main novel. It’s about the time Kai’s spent alone away from the estate as free Post.


Kai soon discovers that freedom has many forms and influences his life in more ways than he’s expected. Because Kai is now not only free from commands of Baron North but also from his protection. And unprotected posts do not have it easy… Prepare for some heartbreaking moments. But will Kai regret his decision? I do not think so, because as Kai poetically said:

"How did anyone see the stars and not wish for more than the confinement they were born to?"


Writing novellas that are set between main books in the series has become a trend lately but there are a lot of times when these short stories do not add nothing significant to the whole picture. This is not the case with Among the Nameless Stars, we learn a lot more about Kai’s feelings and life of free Posts in the big city. So, grab it while it’s free and enjoy a little bit more of Diana Peterfreund’s beautiful writing!


In The End…

Among the Nameless Stars is definitely worth to be read by all of those who liked For Darkness Shows the Stars, it will give you intriguing new glimpses into the society and Kai’s character. While it’s numbered as a prequel, my recommendation is to be read after the main novel, when you are already familiar with terms and world.

Source: http://www.bookwormdreams.com/novella-review-among-the-nameless-stars-by-diana-peterfreund