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Very original ya dystopian featuring vampires

The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa

First thing you need to know is that The Immortal Rules is nothing like Iron Fey series. While The Iron Kinghad a somewhat original idea, it was full of cliches. The Immortal Rules is the total opposite. Julie Kagawa took one of the most popular topics today: vampires and used it to write very original young adult dystopian novel.


The picture of the future Julie Kagawa presents is bleak and chilling. A strange virus killed large part of human population or turned them into rabids: a mix of vampires and zombies who mindlessly kill everything. Vampires, concerned that they are going to be left without food, stepped in and took control. The Wild, where you need to be on the run all of the time, or The Cities, where you need to bow to the vampire masters and offer blood donations. What’s a better choice?


Allison Sekemoto choose something in between. She lives in the fringes of the city, running from both vampires and rabids, hiding and stealing enough food to survive. Every day is a struggle but everything is better than submitting to those heartless, soulless bloodsuckers. Allison knows how to make tough decisions and when she gets to choose between death or becoming a monster she hates, she still chooses to live. And as vampire who turned her said:

"You are Vampire, but what kind of monster you become is out of my hands."


And so, Allison’s adventures begin. A lot of things you thought for sure are true are doubted when you have a different perspective on things. And when everyone thinks you are a monster, all your actions are questioned even when you are driven by friendship or even love. Julie Kagawa gives to Allison and to us a lot of interesting questions to ponder.


The Immortal Rules seems like a book that has all the ingredients to become my favorite: good writing, original idea, strong heroine who makes good choices, slow building romance, what-makes-us-human theme…. But for some reason Allison and I just didn’t click. And world and monsters (human or otherwise) were too scary and gruesome for me. Maybe at some other time I would have reacted differently. We will never know. I still appreciate originality of Blood of Eden series, so I will definitely read a sequel The Eternity Cure.


In The End…

The Immortal Rules was a little bit too dark for me, but I will certainly recommend it to all fans of young adult dystopian novels who don’t mind scary atmosphere and are looking for original idea or to anyone who says that vampires are overused topic and there is nothing new that can be made with it. Julie Kagawa is sure going to surprise them.


Disclaimer: I was given a free eBook by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

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