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Cute contemporary fairy tale about fairies

Nissa: a contemporary fairy tale - Bethany Lopez

I don't know about you but when I watched cartoons I didn't yearn to be the princess - I wanted to be the fairy godmother. After all, she has a magical wand that can do anything even create clothes out of thin air, what more could a girl want, right? I was always sorry there were not more fairy tales that centered around fairies, and Bethany Lopez fulfilled my wish by writing Nissa.


Nissa is a 900-year-old fairy that just finished her course for fairy godmother and is on her first assignment in human contemporary world. Can I say that I was a little bit disappointed that there was no sparkly magic wand and no amazing outfits were created during this book? ;) Nissa did have cute wings, but they are visible only in her fairy form. Most of the book Nissa is masquerading as human while trying to help her charge to get more self-esteem and stand up for herself.


As usual, while on a mission, Nissa meets the cute guy who turns out to be The One. I would not say that it was insta-love but definitely insta-attraction, like in all fairy tales. This is one of those books that you can give to a teen girl to read with a clear conscience. No sexual content or steamy scenes - a true novel for young adults.


Sadly, Nissa came out a little bit too late, because I found that although I liked the idea, the style of narration similar to classic fairy tales was a little bit too simplistic for me. Things were just too... well fairy-tale-ish from basic plot elements to stupid little things like: why the hell does not anyone think that it is weird she is sleeping in a pile of branches and leaves instead of a tent on a camping trip?


If you like Jessica Day George's books or Beauty by Robin McKinley and don't mind switching the fairy tale setting to contemporary, then you are probably going to enjoy Nissa.


Disclaimer: I was given a free eBook by the blog tour host in exchange for a honest review.

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