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Too many irritating cliches for my taste

Existence  - Abbi Glines

While I read Existence I had a feeling that someone gave Abbi Glines a list of cliches that irritate me the most in young adult paranormal novels and she used them in this book. For start we have a heroine Pagan, who is just an ordinary girl. Except she is exceptionally beautiful (but is not aware of it), everyone comments about her wonderful & caring personality (but she is quick to form judgement based on prejudice) and is part of ordinary small group of friends (who just happen to be richest girl in town and best athlete in school - yeah real outcasts...).


To make it worse, the romance of course had to be a love triangle with two handsome and popular boys, Dank and Leif, fighting for Pagan. It's insta-love! It's dramatic! Oh, whom will she choose?!?! No, it's not obvious at all...


Existence by Abbi Glines


I have read some contemporary romance novels by Abbi Glines before and thought about her as an author who can really transfer passion and love between characters to the pages of her novels. But for some reason this didn't happen with Existence. Maybe it's there but all those cliches are blocking me from feeling it.


Existence ends with a lot of suspense and a cliffhanger but I think I am going to spare myself and skip reading the rest of this trilogy.


In The End...

If you are a fan of young adult paranormal romance novels and cliches I mentioned do not bother you, then Existence might end up on your favorites shelf. It happened with a lot of my bookworm-friends. As for me, it's just another book which makes me feel like a black sheep...

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