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Solid sequel that adds more depth to the characters and the world

The Ruling Sea - Robert V.S. Redick

If you are following my ramblings reviews, you have probably read how much I liked The Red Wolf Conspiracy, first part of Chathrand Voyages. Not even a rough start with too much jumping between characters could dampen my enthusiasm.


But, as often happens to me when I like the first part in series so much, I delayed reading The Ruling Sea. Will it be as awesome? Maybe it was a fluke? Will Robert V.S. Redick disappoint me or earn a place in a hall of my all-time-favorites? Finally I have gathered enough courage to sail on further into the adventure.


From the beginning it's perfectly clear that Robert V.S. Redick listened to the readers input. The Ruling Sea has a much more concise start and jumps between characters are not so often. Also, the fact that most of the characters are familiar to us from The Red Wolf Conspiracy helps. Although my reading went much smoother, I could not but sadly notice that excitement and tension, because of this, were also tampered down in The Ruling Sea. I know, you can never please some people. o:)


I liked that The Ruling Sea gives us a better understanding of Mzithrini culture and that we get the better look at the so-called 'enemy' but I hoped that the plot will progress more. The Ruling Sea seemed more to deepen and clarify the characterisation and world building.


Maybe if The Red Wolf Conspiracy was not so full of adventure you would not hear me complaining me so much, it's not like nothing happens. Chathrand sails The Ruling Sea and some new strands in the web of the conspiracy are revealed. And with huge shock and discovery at the end, I am definitely left intrigued and ready to find out more.


In The End...

The Ruling Sea continues adding more intriguing depths to the characters and the world, that The Red Wolf Conspiracy introduced us to. Although maybe a little bit calmer in pacing, it's a solid sequel to the series. Chathrand Voyages still has my recommendation as a good fantasy adventure if you like ships, conspiracies and magic.


Disclaimer: I was given a free eBook by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

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