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Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell is one of those books that a lot of my romance-loving' friends have on their favorites shelf. Finally I gave in and decided to check it out.
Surprisingly, I found myself reading a book that was more chick-lit than contemporary romance. Can you call book a chick-lit if it's told from male perspective? 

Our hero, Lincoln is working as an Internet security officer. As always, it's a fancy name for a lame job - reading company employees messages that were marked by email filter to contain inappropriate words.
Chapters alternate between Lincoln's perspective and emails between two friends who work in the same company. Lincoln is charmed by their humor and friendship so he does not report them, but continues to read their emails. And when he falls in love with one of them...
I'm usually cheering for geeks in romance novels (since I am huge nerd myself) but something stopped me from connecting with Lincoln. Maybe he felt too typical: lives with his mother, doesn't have a girlfriend, plays Dungeons and Dragons with his friends every weekend, ...

Although I could not connect to Lincoln and romance was too stalkerish for my taste, Attachments was very well written and it's a quick read. And I loved that it had two women who are truly best friends. It's such a rare occurrence nowadays in literature.
I will be definitely checking out other Rainbow Rowell's novels.