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An interesting mix of political thriller and space opera

The Kassa Gambit - M.C. Planck

In the future human race has colonized a lot of planets scattered trough the universe. Earth is now just the stuff of legends and distant memory. The humanity enjoys a peaceful although a solitary existence, because it still did not encounter any other intelligent alien life forms. And then - BOOOM! When commercial trading vessel, The Ulysses, delivers goods to planet Kassa, it discovers that there is no radio signal. Whole infrastructure and most of the buildings on planet were destroyed.


Who did this and why? That are the questions that bother Prudence, captain of ship The Ulysses. The same problem is bothering Lieutenant Kyle Daspar, who arrived to Kassa a little bit after her on patrol boat. The story follows them as they go separately on a quest to find out who is behind this mindless, brutal attack.


Prudence and Kyle, both suspicious by nature, suspect everyone and everything even each other. My favorite part about them was their paranoia that everyone is against them. Ok, yes there were right most of the time, but still it was fun. Also I loved the crew of The Ulysses, they were like a big cute dysfunctional family. I am sorry that there was not more room for us to learn even more about them.


Although set in a distant future, on various space-ships and planets, The Kassa Gambit can be best categorized as political thriller novel. And, it was a good mystery that kept me in state of suspense until the big culmination in the end. Who attacked planet Kassa? Why did they destroy everything? Is this just the start of a bigger attack on other planets? I guessed some things but there were enough surprises.


The Kassa Gambit is debut novel by M.C. Planck, so I did not know what to expect. But it surprised me with interesting mystery that kept me guessing what will happen until the end. Also The Kassa Gambitgave me an opportunity to explore a lot of planets in our universe. Yes they were fictional, but fun to visit never-the-less. :)


My rating: ❤❤❤❤


I recommend this book to fans of: science fiction mysteries or political thrillers set in space, spies, government's plots and intrigues.

Source: http://bookwormdream.blogspot.com/2013/01/book-review-kassa-gambit-by-mc-planck.html