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Cute and short urban fantasy novella

The Secret Eater - Ros Jackson

Kenssie is a young demon who feeds on secrets. Lately Kenssie does not feel very well, she has problems with even basic demonic power - staying hidden from humans. Kenssie must find solution for this problem before her master finds out. Cooperating with witches and fighting other demons will be inevitable.


When I imagined Kenssie, I always pictured Kenzi from Lost Girl tv series in my mind. Probably because their names are similar. :)


Novellas are one of the hardest things to review. Since they are short, the characters and world are usually not well developed, but Ros Jackson managed to dish a lot of interesting information about the world where demons, witches and half breeds life under unsuspecting human's eyes. And it didn't feel like an info-dump, in fact I was left yearning to know more.


One thing that The Secret Eater is missing is some kind of resolution or a big revelation. Story starts and ends in the middle of events, a lot of questions are left unanswered and we can can only guess what will happen next. This novella feels like it's a prequel to some bigger book. And I hope that my feeling is true, because I would definitely want to read more about Kenssie!


Still if you are in the mood for a short read and you like urban fantasy full of demons, witches and action, give The Secret Eater a chance. You will be definitely signing up my (imaginary) petition for Ros Jackson to write more. :)


Disclaimer: I was given a free eBook by author in exchange for a honest review.

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