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Not just another uf novel

Oracle of Philadelphia  - Elizabeth  Corrigan

On a first glance Oracle of Philadelphia seems like just another urban fantasy novel. We have heroine Carrie who has some extraordinary powers but is disguised as ordinary mortal. Two guys who are total opposites (angel and demon) are hanging out with her, so it looks like there will be a love triangle. And she has a mission to save a good guy who sold his soul to the demon. A lot of kick-ass action, getting hot and bothered with both love interest and one solved soul later – and we get to the end of the first book of Earthbound Angels series.


If you have imagined something like this – then you were totally, completely and utterly wrong. Because Oracle of Philadelphia is definitely not just another urban fantasy novel out there. Elizabeth Corrigan does not rush into action, she weaves her story slowly with a lot of flashbacks to clear up backgrounds and history for all the characters. To me at the end, saving a guys soul seemed like a secondary goal of this book, the primary was for us to get close and personal with Carrie and her friends:  an angel Gabriel and the demon of chaos Bedlam.


Carrie is bored with her existence and so jaded she thinks nothing moves her anymore. She lost all hope and does not even try to change things, just hopes the end will eventually come. Eternal life never seemed less attractive than when it’s described from her perspective. The only spark of life (or chaos) that make her existence bearable are irregular visits from her friends: angel and demon. As always, I immediately got attracted to Bedlam with his mischievous smile and wish to spread chaos all around. Angel Gabriel was too prim and stuffy for my taste.


And then one day everything changes when Carrie gets motivated to stand up and try to change things again…

“And I know that the world isn’t fair. More than anyone, I know that. But I think that maybe it never will be if we stand by and let things like this pass. God made us, and He won’t stand up for us when we need Him to. And I can’t fix all the problems, even all the problems that I cause. But maybe I can fix this.”


In The End…

Oracle of Philadelphia is not just about war for souls between angels and demons, it’s about the value of family and true friendship, about never giving up and always staying faithful to your principles. Fans of breath-taking quick action scenes and hot love affairs might be disappointed at the beginning, but if they do not give up and keep on reading, Elizabeth Corrigan’s storytelling slowly introduces you to the world of Earthbound Angels and makes you yearn for more.


Disclaimer: I was given a free eBook by the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

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