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Fantasy novel full of adventure for all ages

Emilie and the Sky World - Martha Wells

After a year long wait, the time has come for us to again explore strange places, meet unusual people and share new adventures with Emilie. And this time the sky’s the limit because we are travelling to the Sky World.


Emilie and the Hollow World was one of my favorite books in 2013. Resemblance to classic adventure novels I have read as a child won me over from the start and it was all spiced up with fantastic elements. So, Emilie and the Sky World had a big shoes to fill.


While Emilie and the Sky World has Martha Wells’ recognizable fluid writing style which is easy to read, I found it much slower and conclusively with less adventurous air than it’s predecessor. They don’t arrive to the Sky World until almost half of the book passed and I must confess that until then I was bored at times and even wondered will they ever get there. Emilie and the Sky World had a bigger intro than the first book in series!


Some readers will maybe appreciate that we get to learn more about Emilie’s family background. But Emilie and the Hollow World was a whirl of adventures from the start, so I was impatient like a junkie waiting for his next fix and could not really appreciate new depths that Martha Wells added to Emilie’s character. Emilie from this book was overconfident, quick to judge, jumped into danger without thinking and too harsh with her brother. In my memory from the first book I remembered her to have much more likable personality.


Martha Wells’ impressive imagination will again blow your mind with descriptions of Sky World and new creatures like you have never met before in any novel. But her descriptions felt shallower and tougher for me to buy it than before: new machines needed a little bit more explanation and theory that the world is a series of concentric circles was just mentioned.


Emilie and the Sky World was not a bad book but I hoped for much much more. It’s tough being a sequel to someone’s favorite book. Maybe I complained too much and gave you wrong impression, because overall I liked Emilie and the Sky World and will definitely read next book in the Emilie series.


In The End…

Lovers of fantastic adventures of all ages will enjoy Emilie series by Martha Wells, especially  younger audience because it’s easy to read, has no romance and feeds imagination and thirst for adventure. Who as a child did not dream to go on an exotic expedition?

Disclaimer: I was given a free eBook by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

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