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Hi, my name is Dragana, and I’m a book-o-holic. My goal in life is to read all the speculative fiction novels in the world. (or at least try)  :)

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Kindle Freebies & Deals for 10. January 2014

Don’t you just love it when some book is on your wishlist for months and then suddenly it’s on promotion and you grab Kindle ebook for free? It just happened to me with Witch Sing. I hope I will have time to read it soon and see if it fulfills my expectations.


A lot of other great books are also featuring awesome low prices:




FREE 1.99$ 1.99$ 2.99$ 2.99$



Urban Fantasy & PNR


FREE FREE 0.99$ 1.99$ 1.99$



Contemporary Romance


FREE FREE 0.99$ 0.99$ (my review) 1.99$


Source: http://www.bookwormdreams.com/kindle-freebies-deals-for-10-january-2014