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A little bit slower and gloomier than 'A Conspiracy of Alchemists'

A Clockwork Heart - Liesel Schwarz

A Conspiracy of Alchemists, first book in The Chronicles of Light and Shadow series, was such an adventure with million things happening at once and chasing around the world. I loved spunky and kick-ass Eleanor Chance and could not wait to read more.  Also I hoped that neglected romance element will finally blossom in A Clockwork Heart and that I will feel that spark between Elle and Hugh.


Surprisingly, A Clockwork Heart has more sedate pace than A Conspiracy of Alchemists. There are no breath-taking travels around the world – setting is rainy and misty London. Plot takes longer time to develop and because we have multiple narrators there are almost no surprises – we  know what the ‘bad side’ is planning. The only part that reminded me of A Conspiracy of Alchemists was the ending which was whirlwind of action and twists and turns and it’s the bright and shinny part of A Clockwork Heart. But it was also so sad and heart-breaking and left me with a desire to read the next part Sky Pirates NOW (which is not going to happen since it’s not published yet).


Romance definitely didn’t develop the way I expected. As the beginning says, A Clockwork Heart begins with a happily-ever-after. Elle and Hugh are married and living together. But marriage between independent girl prone to adventures and powerful warlock who sacrificed his magic to be with her can not be easy. There are a lot of bumps and troubles on the way. It was so sad watching my confident kick-ass heroine helpless and not knowing how to resolve her marital issues.


I know I complained about a lot of things in A Clockwork Heart. But I still like The Chronicles of Light and Shadow series very much. It has steampunk setting. Elle is strong, kick-ass heroine who makes a lot of wrong decisions in this book, but hey every human makes mistakes. I hope she will learn from them.


In The End…

A Clockwork Heart was a little bit more slower in pace and a lot gloomier and darker in tone than  A Conspiracy of Alchemists. With that kind of breath-taking ending it’s impossible to not want to read the sequel, but if you don’t like cliffhangers my recommendations is to read A Clockwork Heart when Sky Pirates is published. Because, trust me, you are going to want to read the next book NOW.


Disclaimer: I was given a free eBook by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

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