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Hi, my name is Dragana, and I’m a book-o-holic. My goal in life is to read all the speculative fiction novels in the world. (or at least try)  :)

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Kindle Freebies & Deals for 05. December 2013

I haven’t done my usual Kindle Freebies post for a long time. Last couple of days I saw a lot of awesome deals and even one freebie for some very popular Kindle ebooks. I tweeted about some of them but then I decided to also share all my finds on my blog.

Ebooks are divided in sections by price. Covers are clickable and link to Amazon. I don’t know how long the discount will last so grab them while you can. :)


YA Dystopian (one of my favorites this year, read my full review here)



YA Paranormal Steampunk



YA Paranormal YA Dystopian YA Fantasy YA Humor YA Fantasy
Contemporary YA Fantasy YA Contemporary Historical Chick Lit



Mystery, Paranormal YA Dystopian, Zombies YA Dystopian YA Science Fiction YA Science Fiction
YA Dystopian Middle-Grade Fantasy YA Paranormal, Aliens Fantasy Urban Fantasy



YA Apocalyptic, Angels YA Fantasy YA Mythology YA Paranormal, Angels YA Science Fiction


I hope you found something that you like, I definitely did. :)

Source: http://www.bookwormdreams.com/kindle-freebies-deals-for-05-december-2013