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Interesting twist to zombie apocalypse and likeable kick-ass heroine

The Harvesting - Melanie Karsak

Invite for The Harvesting blog tour appeared in my mailbox while I was still in my omg-zombies-are-so-cool phase inflicted by Warm Bodies. After I enjoyed R's adventures, I was in a mood for more zombie shenanigans. The Harvesting delivered large quantities of zombies to keep me satisfied and surprised me with likeable kick-ass heroine and more.


Layla loves her life. She works at Smithsonian, teaching about her greatest passion: ancient weapons. She is not thrilled when she gets a phone call: "Layla, Grandma needs you to come home." But love for her grandmother makes her go back to Hamletville, her childhood home, place of many memories and not all of them are pleasant. So imagine how irked Layla is when, after she dropped everything and came to the rescue, her grandmother refuses to answer any of her questions.


Why did grandmother call Layla? What is wrong? Why the hell is she piling up all those groceries and other stuff? The only answer she gets is: "You'll see." I don't think that the thing Layla expected to see were zombies crawling around and attacking people, but that's what happened. I was not surprised since The Harvesting was advertised as zombie novel, but Melanie Karsak did manage to surprise me, because she did not stop at zombies. Other types of paranormal creatures will make appearance in this novel too: some because they want to help humans and some because zombies are diminishing their food supply.


Zombies by namesjames
Zombies by ~namesjames  

For those who like a little bit of romance, The Harvesting provides that too. As Layla says:

"Who would have thought that the end of the world would bring me the one thing I thought I wanted most."

Don't expect a lot of steamy scenes, since people have to fight for their survival, so it's more of like a side story. And although we have a love triangle, it definitely is not one of those annoying and irritating ones. There is a history and a lot of reasons for the love triangle situation and I especially liked that Layla does not lead-on both of them eternally.


Maybe I would have given The Harvesting 4 stars because it's a debut and it managed to add something new to zombie-apocalypse theme but the last chapter ends in cliffhanger and then epilogue is from totally different perspective and follows a group of characters that have nothing to do with Layla. I said it many times and I will say it again - I hate cliffhangers. They should die slow and painful death, just like us poor readers that are waiting for sequels to the cliffhanger-infected-series.


If you are post-apocalyptic zombie novel fan and you don't mind that there is cliffhanger at the end, check out The Harvesting. You will definitely find strong heroine to cheer for and a little bit of action, mystery and romance.


I recommend this book to fans of: zombie apocalypse; small town setting; strong kick-ass heroines that are main focus of the book; light romance as side story; ...


Disclaimer: I was given a free eBook as part of the blog tour in exchange for a honest review.

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