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If you are not fan of Beautiful Disaster, better skip this one

Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire

Walking Disaster is sequel companion novel retelling of Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. In Beautiful Disaster we got a love story told by Abby and now we get the same story re-told by Travis, her love interest. And when I say the same story I mean THE SAME STORY. I read about 20% of this book before calling it a DNF but up until then 90% of events were the same, we just got a different perspective of them.


The main problem is that I didn't like the characters in Beautiful Disaster. Jamie McGuire is definitely a talented writer and Beautiful Disaster is a page-turner with one of the most dysfunctional couples I have even met. But the ending is so unrealistic without any improvements in psychological growth of main characters that I was shocked how could this be declared a great romance, when it was obviously a disaster. Beautiful Disaster was a pointer what to avoid and what not to do, and not a thing to wish if-only-it-could-happen-to-me...


If I didn't like the Beautiful Disaster, why did I pick up the sequel? Well, my damn curiosity for one. And I really hoped that the glimpse into Travis thoughts would help me to understand why so many girls thought him attractive. Well, tough luck. I just got irritated even more...


Here are just some of Travis's comments and my reactions:

"I admit, it turned me on a little hearing the sound of her skin slap against the ceramic."

This is his reaction after dropping a random girl who sat on his lap uninvited. The sound of slapping does not turn him on because he has bdsm tendencies, but because he likes to hit people.

"I used my shoulder to cut through the crowd, shamelessly knocking over a few innocent bystanders to let off steam."

What will happen when there are no innocent bystanders? Do you know who is he going to knock around? You! And then after he is going to say that he's sorry and cry and probably make YOU feel guilty.


*takes a deep calming breath*

I'm just going to stop talking before this turns into a giant rant about obsessive jealousy, possessive boyfriends and home violence.


If you are a Beautiful Disaster or Travis fan and feel like you could re-read the story for-ever-and-ever-again, then you are probably going to enjoy Walking Disaster. As for readers all like me who didn't like the story or characters in the first book, just skip this one - it does not get any better.


I recommend this book to fans of: Beautiful Disaster (There is really no point reading Walking Disaster if you didn't read and love the first book.)


Disclaimer: I was given a free eBook by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

Source: http://bookwormdream.blogspot.com/2013/04/book-review-walking-disaster-by-jamie.html