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If you like fantasy full of adventures and intrigue set on ship, hop on board and read The Red Wolf Conspiracy by Robert V.S. Redick

The Red Wolf Conspiracy - Robert V.S. Redick

I first noticed The Red Wolf Conspiracy on Top 25 Best Fantasy Books and immediately added it to my tbr. Sadly, it stayed there forgotten until I spotted review copy on Netgalley and remembered all the praise about it. So, with renewed interested, I sailed into an epic adventure.


To be honest, the start was a bit rough. Don't get me wrong - book is beautifully written from start to finish. But chapters jump from one character to another and it is hard to connect: Who is the main character here? At whom should I pay closer attention? But after some time I just got engrossed into a story and all I could think was was either: "WOW" or "I am so glad I didn't give up".


So, who is the main character of the story? I will help you out and tell you a secret, it's not a person. It's a ship: Imperial Mercantile Ship Extraordinaire Chathrand. But Chathrand is not just any other ship.

"Chathrand, mightiest ship in all the world, with a mainmast so huge that three sailors could scarce link arms around it, and stern lamps tall as men, and square sails larger than the Queen's Park in Etherhorde."

Some call it "living relic", others "a marvel to shame all others", what I can tell you about Chathrand - he is definitely going to leave an impression on you. I was awed with the grandness of Chathrand and impressed with a race that could create such a masterpiece.


Chathrand from The Red Wolf Conspiracy by Robert V.S. Redick
Chathrand on different editions of The Red Wolf Conspiracy [image source] & [image source] 

In The Red Wolf Conspiracy, Chartrand is sent to transport an array of people on diplomatic mission. But as always, not all fractions in government want peace and there are multiple conspiracies cooking on-board. Trough multiple points of view: ship captain, spies, magicians, doctors, ambassadors, assassins, ordinary sailors, boys helping on deck, rats, ixchels (similar to gremlins in our culture)... we glimpse some of the ship's secrets.


The Red Wolf Conspiracy will not let you get bored, not only view points shift constantly but also the way story is presented to us. Not all chapters are in classic narrative form: some are also letters or journal entries. There is always something happening and even if you think you got everything figured out, you will probably be surprised with some plot twists.


I read The Red Wolf Conspiracy in January and deliberately didn't write a review immediately because I wanted to 'cool down', but the pause didn't help. Just reading my notes about the book got me all excited again and full of eagerness to read The Ruling Sea. So, expect the review of the next book in series soon, and if you like fantasy full of adventures and intrigue set on ship, hop on board and read The Red Wolf Conspiracy - you won't be sorry.


I recommend this book to fans of: epic fantasy set of ship, adventures, intrigues and conspiracies.

Source: http://bookwormdream.blogspot.com/2013/03/book-review-red-wolf-conspiracy-by.html