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Very nice sequel to the series but sadly with cliffhanger ending

Scent of Magic - Maria V. Snyder

Warning: Although I always try not to reveal too much from the book I am talking about, further text will contain spoilers for Touch of Power, first book in Healer series, by Maria V. Snyder.


Scent of Magic continues where the story ended in Touch of Power. Sadly, Avry and Kerrick do not have an opportunity to enjoy in their freshly-admitted love. There is no time for love in war. Separated on a different missions, Avry and Kerrick are trying to somehow deter evil Tohon from conquering Fifteen Realms. The chapters alternate between them and are narrated by Avry in first person and Kerrick in third person. I was very glad that we got to hear Kerrick's side of the story and learn more about him and his feelings, hopes and dreams.


Avry and Kerrick
Avry and Kerrick (detail from Scent of Magic USA cover)  

But, one of the things I missed here are members of Kerrick's fellowship. Avry is on new mission and she changed old fellowship for new one, but the pranks, warmth and cute side characters that I loved so much were missing. Kerrick's gang is scattered and interactions, humor and love between them (that was one of my favorite parts in Touch of Power) barely exists in Scent of Magic.


Also, although Avry has a couple of encounters with lilies in the book I don't feel like there is much discovery on this topic. I hoped that Scent of Magic will give us more explanations about influence of lilies to humans. Lily is my favorite flower, so naturally I was interested to find out more about them, but Scent of Magic just adds more questions to their mystery.


Overall, Scent of Magic is a really strong second book full of exciting action. Now we have to sit and eagerly wait for the next one. Will it be intense and full of adventures? I do not have any doubt. After all - "...it's Avry. Trouble always follows her."


I recommend this book to fans of: ya fantasy, realistic down-to-earth heroines.

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