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I needed more mystery, romance or kick-ass heroine

Dancing With the Devil  - Keri Arthur

Dancing With the Devil starts in the usual urban fantasy cliche. We have a heroine Nikki who is private detective, has some psychic/kinetic powers and is on a case looking for a missing girl. But instead of usual mix of mystery everything is explained right away and we are left to watch the game of cat and mouse between Nikki and main villain. Since there are three more books in the series, I had little doubts who will win so there was not really any tension or suspense.


Nikki's personality didn't help to make this book any more interesting. I like my urban fantasy heroines with a little bit more spunk and sarcasm, no matter if they drown me in puns like Charley Davidson or are just pure kick-ass like Cat from Night Huntress series. Nikki was just too plain for my taste. She lived on the streets as a teen but she remained very pure and innocent in some ways. And I didn't like that most of the time she just got in the trouble, Michael had to save her.


Nikki and Michael by Keri Arthur
New covers for Nikki & Michael series by Keri Arthur.


Another things that could spice things a bit was romance. But the spark was missing. I could understand why Nikki is attracted to handsome Michael, but there are hints of much deeper psychic connection that I saw no reason for forming. I guess some people can just 'click' but I missed the moment when that happened between them, so the romance felt rather flat and not like a big love story that will drag me in and tickle my curiosity to find out what happens next.


Dancing With the Devil was not really my kind of novel. The case is over and, surprise surprise, Nikki and Michael won and survived. And although Michael did a pretty good impression of Rhett Butler in the end, I am satisfied to leave it at that. I know they will get together in the end and I am not intrigued enough to continue reading this series.


In The End...

For Keri Arthur's fans or those who love reading books about chasing the villains and heroine with damsel-in-distress syndrome, Dancing With the Devil will probably be an enjoyable read.

If you like your heroines with a tougher attitude, good mystery in a story or passionate romance then this is probably not a book/series for you.


Disclaimer: I was given a free eBook by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

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