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Middle Grade fantastical adventure with sprinkle of Christianity

Spirit Fighter - Jerel Law Fire Prophet (Son of Angels) - Jerel Law

This is my joint review for both Spirit Fighter & Fire Prophet by Jerel Law:



Usually, I don't read much Middle Grade Fantasy novels. I enjoyed Harry Potter series and Neil Geiman's Graveyard Book, and was not so-impressed with The Chronicles of Narnia, but that's it. Son of Angels series by Jerel Law intrigued me with promises to be Christian answer to popular middle grade adventure series like Percy Jackson and the Olympians & The Kane Chronicles. Making Christianity and the Bible exciting for kids? I was curious how it will turn out.


Jonah Stone is just another 13 year-old boy with a loving family in a peaceful small town called Peacefield. His father Benjamin Stone is the pastor of Methodist church and his 11 year-old sister Eliza and 7 year-old brother Jeremiah are constant source of embarrassment and trouble but he loves them anyway. The whole perception of the world will change for Jonah when he finds out the truth:


"Johan, you are not entirely human. You're mostly human, just not... totally."


Jonah's mother is nephilim, half angel and that makes him one quarter angel - quarterling. Jonah is suddenly stronger and faster than his friends, one of the perks of having angel ancestors. But that's just the start of him discovering his powers and what is he capable to do. Turns out nephilims and quarterlings are very powerful creatures, and as always there is someone who wants to use them for bad and nefarious purposes. Good thing they will have help of Elohim (God) and his angels.


Frankly, this book was not as bad as I expected. Hmmm... That came out wrong. :) Actually, it was not bad at all. Story is told from Jonah's point of view and I liked that he's not perfect and that's he's often troubled by doubts, jealousy and other problems. Jerel Lawpainted a perfect picture of young coming of age boy. Sadly, all other characters pale compared to Jonah and feel a little shallow. While Jonah is painted with different shades of gray with white light of faith shining trough them, other characters are more black or white and not very complex.


How Christianity blended into middle grade fantasy book? I must admit, surprisingly well. There is some Bible quoting but not too much. And for some biblical creatures that attack Jonah, their origin and history is only hinted so I was intrigued and even thought about grabbing the Bible and looking for part where they are mentioned to learn more. So if you want to make your kids interested to learn more about Christian religion and they liked Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and similar books, Son of Angels series by Jerel Law may be just the thing for you. :)


I recommend this book to fans of: middle grade fantasy and adventure who don't mind having a little bit of Bible quotes and Christianity teachings added to the mix.

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