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Be brave and look behind a plain book cover

Altered - Revelations of the Evolved  - Shawnda Currie

I can honestly say that if I haven't received a review request by Shawnda Currie I would have never read Altered - Revelations of the Evolved. The cover is too plain and it would have never gotten my attention. It's a shame because hiding beside an ugly cover is a decent young adult paranormal novel that I think will be interesting for the fans of that genre.


Altered - Revelations of the Evolved has a lot of unexpected moments and twists, that is, if you haven't read the summary. Since the summary is literally the whole book. I kept waiting for something else to happen but all major twists in story are already told there. I hate it when summaries are too spoilerish, it really kills the tension in the story.


Lacey is introduced to us as a very interesting and unusual character. After all, she is on her way to juvenile detention center. But as the story progressed I just could not connect to Lacey. She suffered from Cinderella complex and had some very unfortunate statements that to me sounded like slut-shaming:

"My cheeks blushed as a fantasy danced in my head of my lips pressing against him. What was wrong with me? I wasn't a harlot who searched for guys to randomly hook up with, especially in a place like this."

Everything came too easy for Lacey. She was The One. She knew how to use her awesome psychic skills without much practice. Romance was too instant for my taste too. I would have liked to see her working harder to achieve this.


Also, I didn't approve of the 'Robin Hood' philosophy Lacey's friends promoted and she accepted without second thought. Stealing from corrupt corporations who didn't earn that money the honest way is still stealing and no higher cause can justify that action.


Most of the things that bothered me in Altered - Revelations of the Evolved are my personal conflicts with ya paranormal genre. I hoped there will be more science fiction but it's only mentioned that some characters came to the present via time travel and that was it.


Don't let me complaining cool you down (if you don't have the same pet peeves like me). For fans of ya paranormal genre who can look past the cover, there is a big chance that Altered - Revelations of the Evolved will be enjoyable read.


Disclaimer: I was given a free eBook by the author in exchange for a honest review.

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